Your chance for more: Become our permanent partner in daily logistics tasks. In the spirit of partnership, our goal is to work with you to meet most of the logistical challenges of the current era. The signs are pointing to growth, so grow together with us. As a partner of the Weidler Group, you will be permanently employed with punctual payment and fixed areas of operation. Thus you can plan SECURELY for the FUTURE.

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Punctual, flexible and secure payment terms. As a partner at eye level in transportation, we know your problems and needs as a company. Therefore, we do not see you as a bank and we know the importance of reliable payments, so we guarantee them for you.
Our interest is to build a long and growth-oriented partnership. Therefore, we guarantee full capacity utilization without any planning effort on your part. On request, fixed sailing areas and other special features can be agreed.
You have an articulated truck. We take care of the rest of the equipment for your operation. Semi-trailers are provided by us, of course in the corporate colors of the Weidler Group.
As a partner at eye level, we support you in all topics where you need help. No matter if insurance, bank or other topics. We support you with your challenges.
Do you have any questions? We will find the right answer together!

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